Aadhar Card is the mandatory document to the Indian residents. How to get Aadhar card for children complete process is enclosed here. As the Aadhar Card is the most important and reliable id proof in India, every one should have Aadhar card from new born babies to old age people.

How to Get Aadhar For Kids

Here, We have provided the step by step process to get Aadhar card for kids along with required documents. UIDAI issues the aadhar card for new born babies as well as for all aged people. It plays important role in every one’s life. As the aadhar contains demographic and bio-metric details of a person, it acts as main id proof for address, identify a human and much more.

Now, the Aadhar card for children made very easy. The child who is below 5 years need not to submit the finger print and iris. The child have to register all 10 fingers bio metric data after completion of 5 years of age. A photograph of a child also taken at that time. Again, repeat the same process after attains the 15 years to the child. The following section covers the required documents to get enroll for Aadhar card for children. 

Aadhar Card For Children below 5 years Age – Required Documents

Before going to apply for aadhar card for children, You should know the some basic information whatever mentioned in below.

  • Birth certificate of the child is mandatory to enroll aadhar card for child.
  • If the DOB certificate is not available then it’s comparably to submit parent Aadhar card to introduce their child.
  • Initially, Child bio metric data, iris and photos has not taken.
  • These details have to register whenever the child attains 5 years.
  • Repeat the same process once again at the age of 15 years. It is taken as final data of the children.

Aadhar Card For Child above 5 years and below 15 years

  • The enroll children for aadhar card process is similar to adults.
  • Child has to submit all 10 finger print data along with iris & photograph.
  • Birth Certificate of the child is mandatory.
  • You may have to submit the bio metric data later stages, If your data doesn’t match.

How to Apply for Aadhar for Children?

Most of the people have so many doubts regarding child aadhar enrollment such as where to apply, What is the minimum and maximum age, how to update aadhar card after 15 years etc. Don’t worry about all these things, www.iaadhar.in provides the in detailed information about the aadhar for children of new born baby to 15 years age.

Step to Enroll for Child Aadhar Registration

  1. Visit the nearby Aadhar Enrollment center.
  2. Have to fill the Aadhar card enrollment form.
  3. Attach any of parent aadhar card or else mention the number number in application form.
  4. Now, the photo of children has taken by aadhar executive.
  5. The address and other details has been taken form parents aadhar card.
  6. No need to update the finger print and iris data for the children age below 5 years.
  7. You will receive the acknowledge form after completion process. Enrollment number appears in that slip.
  8. You can check the aadhar status by using enrollment number at any time.
  9. The aadhar card for children may get within 90 days.

10. If your child age is above 5 years then the aadhar executive has taken the iris data, all 10 finger prints and photograph of children and remaining process is similar as mention above. All these date will be uploaded in UIDAI’s database.

Aadhar Enrollment Fee Details
  • No fee is charged for Aadhar enrollment.
  • Rs 30 has been taken as fee whenever you want to change/update the demographic details.


Q. Where to enroll the Aadhar card for children?

Ans. It will be done at Aadhar enrollment center. Visit near by center.

Q. How much time it will take to get Aadhar card for Kids?

Ans. With in 90 days, You can receive your child aadhar card.

Q. What are the Documents required to apply for Aadhar card for Child?

Ans. Identity proof or address proof and Date of birth certificate are mandatory to enroll for aadhar card for your children.

Q. Is it mandatory to update the aadhar card details after 15 years? 

Ans. It’s mandatory to update the details. It will take few minutes only.

Q. can I apply aadhar card for child online? 

Ans. No, It’s not possible. You need to go for aadhar  enrollment center.